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Aubrey Lesaso
Aubrey Lesaso

Why President Masisi has not signed the floor-crossing bill into law

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Opinion by Tiego Jordan Mpho

I must say, news of the defection of Cde Aubrey Lesaso to the BDP (if true), unlike that of Pono Moatlhodi, hit me like a tonne of bricks. It is a great loss to both BNF and the UDC. Cde Lesaso was as sincere, diligent, and committed to the UDC, from the get-go, as any other cader.

Sadly, his defection (if true) both portends and confirms the old yet still stinging scriptural admonition that “even the very elect can fall from grace and depart from the living God” as true. The frustration and exasperation this defection will foment within the BNF will certainly add fuel to extant quarells between UDC’s biggest partners and advance the BDP’s fortunes (classic divide and rule).

And so, the short-sighted at BDP will no sooner sound triumphalist. But at what cost to democracy and our self-image as a nation? For the BDP to just come off passing a law effectively banning floor crossing and then to proactively entice and “bribe” two lawmakers to cross the floor over to their side reveals the brazen hypocrisy and immorality of the ruling party. They literally have said and enacted one thing and then gone off to pursue its very antithesis for short term gain.

Moreover, President Masisi is in very overt terms telling Batswana that he will manipulate the material incentives of citizens, using state resources and established tender adjudication processes for political ends. If you don’t read brazen corruption in these moves on Moatlhodi and Lesaso, then you don’t really know what political corruption is.

What’s more, this defection will serve to cement the mistaken belief in our polity that politics is a dirty game and that it is indeed all about [“which individual gets what when”] and not about the authoritative allocation of the nation’s resources for [national development]. The voter apathy and harm to democracy that results from this perception is incalculable and highly regrettable.

To UDC comrades in the BNF and BCP, are you seriously going to continue quarreling? Do you not realize what Masisi and the BDP have been up to whilst you were quarreling? Can we all grow some pubic hair, please! I am tempted to go on and on but I will stop here. BDP is playing the only card they are left with right now, and it is the oldest in the book: they are buying our members. What are you going to do next?

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