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Botswana Defense Force tank

Nothing to be alarmed about – Botswana Defense Force gets tank delivery

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An independent military expert says people have no cause for alarm over a video that showed ‘tanks’ being transported.

The director of African Defence Review, Darren Olivier, was asked to comment on the video by a Twitter follower and he quickly allayed any fears South Africans might have.

“Because Botswana is landlocked, it has to have vehicles delivered by sea to a neighboring country and sent overland by road or rail and it often uses South African ports,”

wrote Olivier.

He said the wrapped vehicles looked like MOWAG Piranhas, which the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) operates.

“In 2016 it ordered an additional 45 Piranhas, which have been arriving in small batches over the past few years in convoys just like this. In other words, nothing to worry about.”

MOWAG Piranhas are a family of armoured fighting vehicles designed by the Swiss company General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag GmbH.

“The trucks seem to be part of the MICA VL ground-based air defence system, which we know that the BDF recently acquired, and the Panhard VBL looks to have a Mistral launcher assembly fitted, which again is something we know the BDF has recently acquired,” Olivier added on Twitter.

He said the registration plates and nearby features looked to be Namibian, so this was likely a BDF order going overland from a Namibian seaport, which he later geolocated to be Walvis Bay.

Olivier rounded off his explanation by making it clear the ‘tank delivery’ video should not be a cause for alarm for anybody else.

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